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The hose of the befana

The hose of the befana
Materials and mounting
  a kid pants hose
How to play:   on the Epiphany eve, following an ancient Italian tradition, the kids hang their hose expecting that the “Befana” -an old fairy- comes in the night to fill it with toys. Putting heavier toys in one of the two legs will stretch it more than the other.
  • the pants hose is used as a balance for direct comparison of masses: the larger mass gives a larger stretch,
  • the hose behaves as a dynamometer, because it is elastic and the length of the stretch is related to the gravity force of the toys.
Educational aspects:  
  • understand that masses can be compared using an instrument (Sd),
  • discovery experiment of gravity force (Fa),
  • analyze the relation between the gravity force of the object in the hose leg and the stretch produced (Fb),
  • measure the length of the stretch (Sa),
  • compare with your expectations.
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