Toys and games on Energy

  1. The can that rolls back
  2. The gravity carousel
  3. The rotating button

Toys and games on Forces

  1. The acrobat donkey
  2. The catapult
  3. Playing a bathroom scale
  4. The sling
  5. The standing doll
  6. The rope pull

Toys and games on Sizes

  1. The hose of the befana
  2. The balance
  3. The waterclock

Toys and games on Fluids

  1. The cartesian diver
  2. Gushes from a plastic bottle
  3. The rocket on the bottle

Discover the "hidden physics" of toys and games

The project was developped in an university course for the formation of future primary school teachers, to help the students to develop a positive attitude towards science by discovering the hidden physics of simple toys and children games.

All the toys have been made either by the students or by primary school teachers or directly by their pupils, following instructions taken from local traditions, books, magazines, internet, etc.

The toys are grouped in four lists, "Energy", "Forces", "Sizes", "Fluids", according to their principal physics item, but they have points of interest also for other physics subjects, as indicated in the corresponding description cards.

D. Allasia, C. Marino, V. Montel, G. Rinaudo, Dipartimento di Fisica Sperimentale, University of Torino

e-mail: rinaudo@to.infn.it

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